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Fire prevention in the workplace from SGS – keep your employees and your workplace safe from fire.

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To keep your workplace safe from fire, you must focus on creating a safe environment. The Belgian legal framework for fire prevention states that a company’s employees must be protected from fire, and that buildings in which workers are employed must meet technical requirements for construction. With years of experience ensuring safety in many types of buildings, we will help you to guarantee that your workplace is fire safe and complies with legal requirements.

Legal Framework on Fire Prevention

The Belgian legal framework on fire prevention in the workplace is based on two objectives, described in the Royal Decree of March 28, 2014:

  • Organizing fire prevention for the company with the aim of protecting employees
  • Auditing, based on the technical regulations with regard to the construction of the buildings where workers are employed, in accordance with article 52 of the ARAB, Codex

The building or installation must undergo an analysis of possible fire safety risks. Based on this risk analysis, you as an employer must:

  • Make every effort to prevent fire
  • In the event of fire, ensure rapid and safe evacuation of employees and other attendees
  • Fight the fire quickly and efficiently, and avoid expansion
  • Minimize damage
  • Facilitate the intervention of the emergency services

Why Choose Fire Prevention in the Workplace from SGS?

We can help you to meet your legal obligations regarding fire safety. We use a tried and tested seven-step method: 

  1. Audit of your buildings and/or installations
  2. Audit report with a description of the score for each research aspect, as well as concrete advice, with actions and solutions to be implemented
  3. Risk analysis of existing fire safety risks identified in the audit report. We work according to the Kinney method and/or the risk matrix, with an indication of the value of the residual risks
  4. Safety signage: an inventory of the safety signage missing from your building or installation. We can also take care of the placement of pictograms, evacuation plans and the intervention file
  5. Evacuation plans, according to the relevant statutory frameworks regarding content and layout. If desired, the evacuation plans can be delivered in multiple languages
  6. Intervention plans/intervention file: we provide you with a framework of an intervention plan in accordance with legislation. Content and layout can be adjusted in cooperation with a competent fire department
  7. Periodic review: followed by updated evacuation plans for dynamic risk management

Depending on your needs, we will follow this plan in its entirety or in part.

A Leading Provider of Health and Safety Services

Our health and safety experts will help you to identify and minimize risks while complying with guidelines and standards.

Contact us today to learn more about fire prevention in the workplace.