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We use drones to help you with inspections in dangerous or poorly accessible places.

Drones, or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) are increasingly being used for inspections. Faster and safer than manual inspections, RPAS-based inspections can be performed in dangerous or inaccessible places, such as places at height, enclosed spaces, storage tanks and in complete darkness. By using RPAS for inspections, we minimize downtime and process disruptions, so you can get on with your business.

How we can help

We use state-of-the-art recording and inspection technologies, including high-res and infrared cameras, to show you the slightest details and provide you with the most accurate measurements.

As the world’s leading, inspection, verification, testing and certification company, we will help you find the answers you seek and provide you with the accreditation and certification you need.

Safety first

When using drones, safety is paramount, particularly in places such as factory premises, construction sites and port terminals. Therefore, drone flying is subject to strict rules. To ensure that safety requirements and standards are always satisfied, we have partnered with BAFA, Belgium’s leading approved pilot training organization. BAFA has dozens of years’ worth of experience as a training center for professional pilots and other parties as well as expertise in aviation regulations and procedures.

SGS and BAFA will jointly take care of risk analysis and permit applications prior to inspection as well as your post-inspection report.


  • Complete Belgium-wide coverage
  • A team of fully BAFA-certified drone pilots
  • Inspections and reports that comply with applicable legislation
  • An inspection provider with knowledge of your industry, so business interruptions can be minimized during inspections
  • Integration of RPAS inspections with conventional inspection technologies
What We Offer What You Get
1 Crane Inspections Inspections of crane, hoisting and lifting equipment to confirm safety, reliability and compliance with applicable regulations
2 Inspections of Storage Tanks and Confined Spaces Inspections, audits and calibrations of storage tanks to identify corrosion and ensure compliance with applicable regulations
3 Flare Stack Inspections Independent assessments of flare stacks to ensure their safety and integrity
4 Structural Inspections Independent inspections of buildings to ensure compliance with relevant regulations
5 Inspections of Masts and High Voltage Power Lines Independent inspections and structural surveys at height
6 Chimney Inspections and Emission Measurements Independent verification of compliance with ISO 17025
7 Detection and Damage Assessment in the Event of Fire or Environmental Disasters Independent assessments of the root cause of damage and the most cost-effective solutions
8 Leak Detection and Periodic Processing Plant Inspections Identification and quantification of storage tank leaks from an independent third party
9 Wind Turbine Maintenance Inspections Independent rotor blade inspections, validation of repair and design changes and verification of compliance with applicable regulations
10 Calculations of Volume Stacks of Raw or Other Materials Independent verification of stockpile measurements for inventory, planning and compliance with relevant requirements
11 Infrared Inspections of Solar Panels Independent infrared inspections of parts or entire sections of photovoltaic solar plants

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