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Volunteers required for clinical trials

Volunteers play a crucial role in the development of new medicines. As a Contract Research Organization (CRO), we specialize in clinical trials for promising new medications developed by pharmaceutical companies.

We conduct around 50 trials a year. As a result, our recruitment team is constantly searching for volunteers, including patients, who would like to undertake this vital work.

Volunteer with a trusted world leader in clinical trials

When you join us as a clinical trials volunteer, you can expect:

  • A dedicated unit organized to concentrate specifically on the testing of pharmaceuticals with the strictest quality and safety standards
  • Your safety guaranteed by the independent Ethics Committee, which scrutinizes and evaluates the protocol. The trial cannot start without the approval of the committee
  • Payment for each trial. This is discussed prior to commencement and is based on the time and effort put into the trial. Payment is always made at the end of the trial. It should be regarded as compensation for your time and inconvenience, and not as a “risk payment”. Travel expenses are also reimbursed for a maximum of 120 kilometers (for a single trip)
  • Our specialist doctors and trial coordinators on call 24/7
  • Strict application of international ICH-GCP guidelines and European directives
  • A full and thorough medical screening examination
  • Strict monitoring by doctors, with interim laboratory and other examinations, if necessary
  • A thorough final examination, so we can be sure that you leave the center in good health
  • Confidentiality of both your personal and medical records

How to volunteer for clinical trials with SGS

Anyone can volunteer. You can sign up at our offices, via our website or by using the registration form below, which you complete, sign and send back. Once you are registered on our database, we will contact you by letter once a suitable trial for which you qualify becomes available.

You can also apply to take part in on-going trials. The PDF below contains more information on trial requirements and the payment offered.

To find out more or to volunteer for clinical trials with SGS, contact us today.