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SGS Sells its Pest Management and Fumigation (PMF) Activities in Benelux to Anticimex SGS announces the sale of its Pest Management and Fumigation activities in Belgium and the Netherlands to Anticimex. This sale is in line with the evolution of SGS portfolio focusing on strategic services. 18 Dec 2019 Global Corporate News
Does your company use PFAS-free AFF products? The presence of PFAS and the impact of PFAS components on the environment has been a much-discussed topic in recent times. Worldwide awareness regarding this is increasing. PFAS (Per- and Polyfluorinated Alkyl Substances) is a group of more than 6000 chemical substances. These substances have been used in various products, such as firefighting foam, for decades. As a result, these substances have been released into the environment and are now found in, for example, soil, ground- and surface water. 25 Oct 2019 Business News
Harmonising poison notifications and UFI In 2021 a new label element will appear on products: The Unique Formula Identifier (UFI) is a 16-character alphanumeric code which provides detailed information on health or physical hazards of products. Companies will be obliged to add a UFI on the product label of hazardous mixtures placed on the market. 20 Sep 2019 Business News
Salmonella: prevention is better than cure How do you describe Salmonella in a clear way so that everyone understands it? We’ll attempt to do just that in this article. Just like people, bacteria have a first and last name. The only difference is that we say a bacteria’s name the other way around. Salmonella is the surname and consists of a whole group of bacteria. All these different bacteria have their own first names. 28 Aug 2019 Business News
The versatility of SGS Automotive services The Belgian automotive sector has returned to the pre-crisis level and innovations are in full swing. More than 85,000 people now work in the sector, spread throughout over 300 companies with the most diverse fields of expertise. This makes the automotive sector of great importance to the Belgian economy and one of the most important global players in the field of car assembly, for example. 04 Jul 2019 Business News
SGS launches a new technology for (geomechanical) reservoir characterization using drill cuttings Following the completion of several pilot studies during 2018, we are pleased to introduce a novel service for obtaining mechanical and mineralogical rock properties from drill cuttings and core fragments. SGS branded the technology and workflow ARPIN which stands for Automated Rock Properties by INdentation. 04 Jun 2019 Business News
SGS obtains GMP+ B11 certificate for animal feed SGS has been an expert in the dioxin sector for many years. We are pleased to announce that SGS has recently become GMP+ B11-certified worldwide. By obtaining this certificate, we are already carrying out the current dioxin and PCB laboratory analyses in accordance with the requirements of this new global quality system before the scheduled deadline of June 2019. 13 May 2019 Business News
SGS expands: opening of a new laboratory at Linkeroever (Antwerp) We are pleased to inform you that our new Oil, Gas & Chemicals laboratory on Linkeroever (Port of Antwerp – left bank of the Scheldt) will be operational as of 15 April 2019. 17 Apr 2019 Business News
UN approved 4GV temperature controlled box At SGS we work with a unique combination of an EPS box and an EQ/LQ and/or UN approved fibreboard box which can be used for temperature-controlled transport of dangerous goods with dry ice or ice packs. 25 Mar 2019 Business News
Mercury speciation in soil analysis (DSA): unique in the Benelux For soil investigation purposes where elevated mercury contents are found, an additional analysis can be considered. By doing an extended speciation analysis, one is able to determine not only the amount of mercury, but it also allows you by means of a speciation technique to identify the toxicity of said elevation. For help, you can turn to the analytical expert SGS, as the only commercial laboratory able to assist in this field in the Benelux. 18 Mar 2019 Business News