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Team Member in the Spotlight
Miss Desislava Davidkova
Project Engineer, Industrial Projects

I was born in Bulgaria, in a small town 90 km southeast of the capital Sofia. My first encounter with Russia dates from my very early years, when Bulgaria was a satellite state of the Soviet Union. Consequently, I was raised in the collectivist society of that time, with the images and thoughts of the communist leaders Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Engels. Needless to say, the school systems and education were borrowed from Russia, and western languages such as English, French and German, remained out of reach. The only obligatory modern language taught at school was Russian.

In 1997, I graduated from the technical high school in my home town, majoring in Design and Manufacturing of Clothing. Determined to acquire further technical knowledge, I moved to Sofia and enrolled in the Technical University. Five years later, I graduated as an Engineer, majoring in Industrial Management.

As my graduation neared, I felt a growing urge to explore new horizons. So, in 2002 with my diploma in hand, I moved to The Netherlands. As soon as I got there, I started to learn Dutch and enrolled in The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After four years, I obtained a bachelor in Business Management and took my first job at a Dutch technological company.

In 2010, I came across SGS Netherlands and its Russian Certification Services, where I am currently employed as a project engineer. My position allows me to be involved in major investment projects for the Oil & Gas and Metallurgical Industries. In such projects, the machinery and equipment needs to comply with Russian statutory requirements on industrial safety. Hence, I assist our clients with custom made solutions, helping them obtain the required statutory documents and ensure on-time delivery of the project equipment. Working at SGS provides me with a first seat in the area of industrial technological developments and innovations, while allowing me to practice my Russian at the same time.

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