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Enhance your business with our certification and business enhancement solutions.

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Organizations today face many operational and business challenges. B2C and B2B businesses must anticipate and respond to external forces, including competitors and regulatory bodies. At the same time, they must effectively manage huge influxes of customer data, across multiple touchpoints.

SGS has developed a variety of solutions to enable you to meet current challenges while establishing more efficient and profitable ways of working. We will partner with you – bringing on board 140 years of experience and our operational dataset – to solve your current problems and create effective strategies for the future.

Our certification and business enhancement approach

For decades, SGS has been the global leader in certification, working with clients in almost every sector. Our deep and broad experience in quality control management, regulatory compliance and training has provided us with a staggering array of data points across many industries.

We have used this dataset to add business enhancement (BE) – transformation to enhance the value of an organization’s people, processes, products and services – to our service offerings. Our insight driven, customizable products and solutions will help you to achieve your goals, so you can BE the benchmark. To meet the needs of our current customers and provide effective and modern solutions to current and future business issues, we offer three pillars of insights driven, customizable products and solutions.

CBE Service Pillars

The BE Platform

The BE platform of innovative solutions is based on three pillars: certification, intelligence and activation. When combined, they offer solutions based on real world data.

CBE Pie Graph

Data from certification drives intelligence. Intelligence offers insights that guide activation. Activation brings about transformation, leading to business success.


  • Enhance the value of your business with innovative products and services
  • Distinguish yourself from competitors with customized solutions, driven by proprietary insights
  • Enable continuous improvement
  • Transform your value chain 

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